Acer Palmatum – Beni Shichihenge


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Hardiness: Hardy 

Anticipated Height: 5m

Location: Sun Or Semi Shade

Growth Speed: Slow


Acer Palmatum Beni Shichihenge

Acer Palmatum Group: Variegated

The oustanding feature of this acer palmatum is the variegated medium-sized leaves which are similar to butterfly but pink-orange in the spring rather than pink. The basic colour is green or bluish green with strong white margins. The white is overlaid or blushed with pink-orange, turning orange-brown later in the summer. This is a slow growing acer which forms an upright shrub. It is a difficult acer to propagate but well worth the effort as it attracts a lot of attention.(the name means red and changeful).

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1 review for Acer Palmatum – Beni Shichihenge

  1. Tina

    Ive been looking for a beni shichihenge everywhere and now I have one. Thanks so much x

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