Aegir Seashell Grit 25kg


Ægir Sea Lime is a 100% natural source of lime. Shells from various shell banks in the North Sea are dredged, cleaned, heated and ground into granules (pieces).



Due to this granulate form, it slowly dissolves in the soil. This causes the pH to rise slowly and pH fluctuations can be avoided. In this way, the growth of soil life is stimulated, which ensures optimal conditions for plant growth. A too rapid pH rise can damage soil life.

A good pH of the soil is very important for good plant growth. If the pH of the soil is low (acidic), various nutrients are bound in the soil and the plant can no longer absorb them. By optimising the pH with Ægir sea shell lime, you can prevent acidification.

Rich in trace elements

Seashells are mainly composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) (96.1%) and are packed with essential trace elements. These are of great importance for the vitality of the soil. But they also contain a wide range of minerals and trace elements that improve soil fertility. The pH value of the soil determines whether these are absorbed properly. If we want to work on the absorption of these nutrients, the acidity must remain within certain lines. The pH target zone for different soils:





– Slower pH increase for the preservation of soil life

– Improve the balance of trace elements in the soil

– Improve structure and crumbiness in soil

– Slower release for 3 years long stable pH

– Very effective and economical in use

Ægir Sea-shell lime is available in 3 or 25 kg increments.

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Weight 25 kg


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